Appreciative Inquiry Initiatives

The legacy of your leadership will last a lifetime when you bring Appreciative Inquiry to your school. Appreciative Inquiry can transform a culture, change student outcomes and fix broken processes. The beauty of Appreciative Inquiry is that your leadership team, your teachers, your students, and your community are the one’s who hold the power. My job is to bring it together in a meaningful way. This webpage has resources, videos and information that is evidenced-based and creates real change.

We are an approved provider of continuing education for school board members. TASB #14-040-I and for Texas Social Work, LPC and LMFT.

Appreciative Inquiry Training for Schools

Teachers love Appreciative Inquiry. It gives teachers a voice and a connection to every level in the school hierarchy. It brings joy to work and changes school dynamics. Department heads, administrators and even coaches love the processes of A.I. These processes draw on what is right within an organization and break the stalemate of looking at what is wrong.

Appreciative Inquiry for School Board CEC

School boards can define new directions, discover unique strengths and find answer amid ever changing dynamics and requirements. Appreciative Inquiry that includes school boards in the focus is comprehensive and valuable, and can change a community for decades.

Appreciative Inquiry Summits and Workshops

Training sessions and workshops that both teach the processes of Appreciative Inquiry and begin the process of defining and discovery set the stage for changing systems. Often we hear, “the problem is systemic.” In reality, the solution is also “systemic” and finding these solutions is my job as an A.I. facilitator and consultant.