About A.I.

Appreciative Inquiry in Schools

Appreciative Inquiry is an approach to problem solving that is counter intuitive. Rather than staying in the problem looking for solutions, it strives to generate solutions based on internal strengths and resources.  In other words, it looks into the solution to find the solution.

Over the past 30 years, in large part based on the work of Dr. David Cooperider at Case Western Reserve University and the work of Dr. Diana Whitney at the Corporation for Positive Change, Appreciative Inquiry has been applied in schools, businesses, communities and governments throughout the world. It has become the preferred approach to creating organizational change and the many case studies and research into its methods demonstrate its efficacy in creating lasting change.

In the video below, Dr. Richard Nongard shares how Appreciative Inquiry might be conceptualized and utilized in your school. Appreciative Inquiry often takes the form of training others in the approach who then carry out the work of A.I. within a school, community or other organization.

Appreciative Inquiry training changes schools by equipping leaders with new tools based on what we know really works. On a very practical level it can be used to find solutions to academic outcomes, student involvement, parental commitment, and eliminating negative cultures and attitudes that have become part of the “system-wide” problem.

The 5-D Path of Appreciative Inquiry in Schools