rkn-worktinyleadDr. Richard Nongard has been the Executive Director of Peachtree Professional Education for over two decades. He is also the Chief Strategy Director at Bakke Graduate University. He is the author of Transformational Leadership: How to Lead From Your Strengths And Maximize Your Impact. He has been a popular trainer for school counselors, administrators and educational leaders since 1994. More importantly he has been a part of the A.I. process with many different organizations and is able to provide high quality training to your school board, leadership team or front-line employees and students.

Training for school boards, administrators and all staff and students

rknclassTraining workshops focus on skills development and transforming schools through effective leadership. Many topics can be customized in half-day or full day training for school boards, school administrators, teachers, counselors and other school employees. Approved continuing education hours are available in most cases through Peachtree Professional Education, Inc., a leader in providing Texas based continuing education.

  • Transformational Leadership
  • How to create Appreciative Inquiry processes in your school
  • A.I. as a method of resolving school problems
  • Appreciative Inquiry methods and question formation
  • Developing collaboration and facilitating partnership with the community
  • Creating structural change in difficult periods of transition
  • Creating positive communication among all levels of school/community interaction

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1 and 2 day Appreciative Inquiry Summits

These powerful summits bring stakeholders together to examine a specific issue and find solutions using the 5-D process. These summits are all day and multi-day events with a positive focus and designed to facilitate solutions. These can be small groups or large groups, and this is perhaps one of the most valuable ways to bring Appreciative Inquiry to your school.

Core Group Inquiry, Positive Change Networks, and Positive Change Consortium’s

By networking with other schools, community partners, parents and outside resources, the power of the school to impact students at every level can be compounded. These approaches to Appreciative Inquiry bring unique results and begin with training, learning and collaboration.

Progressive meetings, ongoing consulting and customized presence

Appreciative Inquiry is a versatile process and can be utilized in just about any way. Call Dr. Richard Nongard and discover the many options you have to using this valuable method.